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Enrich your content with mentions, dynamic links and tags.

About Mentions

Mention people, content or groups in a publication or comment.



Create dynamic links

With Rich Mention within your Jamespot enterprise social network, you can reference a person, group or content directly in the body of an article and/or comment.

Regardless of the type of mention (e.g. task, evolution idea, feedback, support request, etc.), an auto-completion system will allow you to select the content to be linked. A dynamic link is then created.

Another possibility offered by the application is to directly create a list of keywords to be attached to a content. 



  • Dynamic mention of a user, group or content.
  • Creation of a list of keywords to be attached to a content.
  • Notification of collaborators to mention.


Kanaé YABÉ

Kanaé YABÉ

Administrative officer

The Mentions application allows me to enrich my daily publications by mentioning my collaborators directly or by redirecting them to other content thanks to the dynamic links.