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Create easily your own custom forms !

About Forms creation

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Create easily your own custom forms ! The "form creation" application gives your developers the ability to create customizable XML forms.


It's up to you


You wish to create and have at your disposal your own forms ? The "form creation" application is precisely there for that! Thanks to it, your developers have total freedom on the creation and customization of their forms: they decide the number of fields and their nature, the form icon and the audience that will have access to it, of course ?.


You want your forms to be accessible to as many people as possible? No problem! Each form you create is in XML format and can be integrated directly into your Jamespot platform, allowing all your employees to access them to fill them in and send you their feedback easily ?.



  • Form creation
  • Adding the form icon
  • Customization of the fields
  • Integration into your platform