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Jamespot - Booking
49 € HT / moderator / month



Manage easily the reservation of your ressources

About Booking

Easily manage the reservation of your meeting rooms, vehicles, equipment and more 📚


Adapted to your real-life needs


Wether your dealing with meeting rooms, vehicles or equipment, you can easily create and manage your various resources while making them accessible to the users of your choice. Everyone will be able to book, in just a few clicks, any resources available on the time of their choice. A real time-saver and step towards autonomy for all !



Your team can book the different resources available in just a few clicks


Manage easily your reservations


You've understood it, the app Booking allows your collaborators to book the ressource provisionned by your organisation. But as a moderator, you will also have the ability to manage bookings more thoroughly by planning a reservation for an other collaborators or by cancelling his previous booking.

Moreover, with the calendar view, you will be able to see in one sight all the reservation made.




The view calendar will allow everyone to see the spots that are already booked for any ressources 


Features :


✨Create as many ressource as you wish (examples: meeting rooms, it equipment ...)

✨ Manage easily your reservations and the ones of your users

✨ See quickly all the reservation with the view Agenda

✨ Manage finely the visibilty of your different ressources thanks to the audiences

The good pratice

You want to finely deal with the visibility of your different ressources ? Nothing simpler ! Create a group for each category and add your users. Each and everyone will then be able to see the ressources they need more easily 😉