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Best applications for Home Office

Find out which applications are best for working from home efficiently and with peace of mind!

As you are undoubtedly aware, France is currently going through a period of major health crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic currently raging in France and the rest of the world. The French government has decided to put in place strict containment measures to stem the spread of the virus. You are thus surely in the same situation as millions of French people: at home, forced to work remotely, far from your colleagues. At Jamespot, we think two things. The first one: that these measures are indispensable to fight against the virus and to protect a maximum of people. The second: it is not because you are confined to your home that you should be forced to work alone! Your Jamespot collaborative platform is here to help you avoid this situation, thanks to a few applications of its own! Applications that we invite you to discover right now! ?


You guys ready? Let's go then!



Are you anxious about distance and want to keep in touch with your employees? Izeeconf is there precisely for that! In just a few clicks, the application allows you to create a videoconference room in which you and your collaborators can exchange and discuss, all in real time, with two or more people depending on your needs! The flagship application of our awning in the age of containment and which you can always count on in times of crisis! A small piece of advice just for you : we strongly advise you to use the messenger in addition to the Izeeconf application. There is no need to explain how it works in detail: it provides you an online chat to contact one or more collaborators and send them both messages and files according to your needs. With these two applications, you make sure that the distance that separates you from your collaborators does not impact the link that unites you: enough to guarantee a stunning communication ⚡




Info Flash

As a home worker, it will be more difficult for you to both communicate and receive information from your employees. If your employees are also teleworking, the chances of seeing the most important information go unnoticed are even greater. The Info Flash is the ideal application to avoid this kind of situation, as it allows you to fix the news of your choice at the top of the wall of publications. Every employee who logs on to the platform will thus be aware of the news first, regardless of what information appears in his or her news feed.



Online Edition

Among the most well-known drawbacks of Home Office, sharing and editing documents is the most common. How can you share, edit and exchange documents while being remotely located? Jamespot Online Edition is the answer to this question. It allows you to work on a document with your colleagues, all at the same time, on your Jamespot platform. This saves you from sending dozens of emails or sharing the 10th version of the same document ?




Working remotely can make the management and evolution of your projects delicate: it is difficult to coordinate with your teams on the tasks to be carried out and the objectives to be reached. The Tables application is available to help you manage your projects efficiently and with peace of mind. Presented in the form of dynamic tables, this application allows you to create in a few clicks missions for your collaborators and to manage their entire life cycle: from their assignment to their finalization. You thus have a global view of the missions to be carried out, of those already realized and this for all the collaborators concerned. And if you need to exchange with them or share essential documents, some applications in this list will help you in this task without any problem ?.




Frequently Asked Questions

If the exchanges between collaborators can be done in your Jamespot platform through the messenger or the Izeeconf application, other alternatives are possible to avoid that you are over solicited during the day. The Frequently Asked Questions is one of them and also allows you to involve all your employees in the consolidation of the knowledge base of your organization. Its functionalities allow you to create thematic sets corresponding to the essential information for your employees: support, HR, sales... Although your employees are at a distance, they have a constant open door on the essential information of your organization.





Here are the best applications to optimize your productivity and communication with your employees when you work from home. Of course, there are many more, so feel free to explore the Jamespot store at your leisure! You'll find other applications that can help you and your employees in your daily home working life ?.