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Do teasing over a period of time and create excitement internally.

About Countdown

The countdown application gives you the opportunity to arouse the curiosity and enthusiasm of your employees by teasing around an event.

Create excitement around your events


The countdown application allows you to stimulate the curiosity of your employees every day by preparing the ground for your future internal announcements! Enough to gather and create excitement around an event!


Create buzz around your news


Set up your countdown in a simple way


You first choose the duration of your countdown: 3 days, one week, one month, it's up to you! Then, you decide which surprise your employees will discover each day: a picture, a blog article, a survey, a quiz...
Each day is synonymous with a surprise for your employees who will only wait for one thing: to discover what awaits them at the end of the countdown.



A simple and pleasant daily creation

Features :

✨ The complete configuration of the application according to your needs: choice of countdown duration, start and end dates, opening hours and audience

✨ Customization of the countdown: background image, box layout

✨ The completion of the boxes: titles, texts, illustrations and links

✨ The countdown preview to test it in one click

✨ As a bonus, the activation or not of the Christmas theme to create an advent calendar