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Host your meetings from A to Z on Jamespot 👨‍🏫

About Diapazone

Whiteboards, polls, timer, minutes... Lead your meetings with efficiency on Jamespot 👨‍🏫


A new playground for simple, participative and productive teamwork


Whether in person or remotely, leading a meeting is not always a breeze. Yet, the secret of a good meeting is in just two words: preparation and facilitation.

With the Diapazone application available in the application manager of your Jamespot platform, prepare your meetings and animate them in a very simple way.

From the preparation phase to the publication of the report, launch your Diapazones in a few clicks on Jamespot.



Orchestrate your meetings from start to finish on Diapazone


For really efficient meetings


Say goodbye to unproductive meetings. By launching a Diapazone on Jamespot, you will have access to a complete set of applications to animate your meeting in an efficient way, whatever its objective (team meeting, brainstorming, ...).

From the natively integrated video conferencing to the sharing of links and documents, through project management boards and minutes, gather everyone around the right supports.



For effective meetings, select the best Jamespot applications for your Diapazone  


Differents widgets to get data quickly


When you talk about videoconferencing meetings, you also talk about online chat. And on the chat side, we have bet on a few new features that you will like: a countdown timer, sending images, real-time reactions, and also flash widgets 🤩


Vous ne connaissez pas nos flash widgets ? Don't know our flash widgets yet ?


Let us introduce them :

👉 Need to know the opinion of your participants ? Organize a quick vote with the poll widget.

👉 Need to know who will be available for the next touchpoint ? This is the attendance management widget that will help you.

👉 Finally, if you need to make a to-do list, the checklist is there, and it can be updated after your meeting is over.



Animate your meetings with flash widgets and get real-time data


End your meeting on a high note


Would you like to save time at the end of your meeting? What if we told you that Diapazone would generate an automatic report for you 🤫

Find the duration of your meeting, the list of participants, links to your linked apps, poll results and widgets. Plus, it's all shared with the right audience.

In short, Diapazone has more than enough to help you with your reunions !



To end your meeting on a high note, how about automatic reports ?


Features :


✨ The preparation of your meeting beforehand: duration, participants

✨ The ability to timebox the meeting into multiple sessions

✨ The definition of the necessary applications: videoconference, tables, documents, links

✨ The possibility to communicate and react through online chat

✨ The possibility to animate the meeting with flash widgets

✨ The generation of automatic and exportable report

The good practice

You have a meeting and a goal to achieve with it ? Schedule it on Jamespot and divide it into different sessions (ice breaker, presentation of participants, ...). For each session, you will be able to add a duration and related applications. On the big day, launch and run your meeting with peace of mind ! Well prepared, well timed and equipped with all the necessary applications, your meeting will undoubtedly be ultra-efficient. And don't forget the report that you can automatically publish at the end of your session !