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About Feedback

The Field Feedback application is designed to speed up communication between employees in the field and those at headquarters. It is particularly useful for franchise network employees or field sales representatives who want to quickly send information back to the head office.



Post a field report on the Jamespot corporate social network.



Very easy to use, the application allows you to report problems in an optimal way despite the distance.

Wherever you are and from any medium (mobile, tablet, computer), report information and specify its level of importance.


It can be a simple piece of information, a warning or a critical situation.

Also specify the level of priority of the actions to be taken: immediate, within a week, a month, a year or in the longer term.



Accelerate bottom-up communication and decision making


The field reports appear in the activity flow of the groups concerned and on the recipients' workflow. They will receive a notification and email alert to inform them. They will be able to act quickly on the information reported.


The feedback management section allows each employee to consult his or her field feedback and all the feedback published on the corporate social network.


Nothing is more precious than time in a company, so give priority to feedback that will allow you to be proactive in all circumstances.



  • Feed back information in real time on the corporate social network.
  • Specify its level of importance and specify its priority level.
  • Consult the feedback published on the network.
  • Act quickly when faced with an escalated situation.