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Get instant answers with Flash Widgets 🚀

About Flash Widgets

We're not going to lie, now more than ever, real time plays a central role in our daily lives. With the Flash Widgets app, get answers in seconds using interactive widgets and regain control of your time by focusing on the essentials.


Save time every day:


Save time every day by using Flash Widgets directly from the messenger, board and comments applications! Dynamic and interactive, they will seduce you by their ease of use and the speed with which you will get answers from your colleagues.



Find your Flash Widgets in the comments, the boards and the messenger


3 widgets to serve you:


👉 Quick polls 

Gather opinions quickly by offering a vote directly from the comments of your content, or from a messenger conversation.


👉 Availabilities 

In 10 seconds top chrono, ask for the availability of your colleagues on a defined slot. Faster than a date survey when it comes to choosing a single slot.


👉 Checklists 

Create a custom checklist and track its progress. Prerequisite list, set of subtasks, validation steps, etc. The possibilities are numerous! As a bonus, this widget is deployed on the board app to let you add a checklist to a board.



Availability, quick surveys and checklists: 3 widgets to serve you


Features :


✨ Designing quick polls in comments and messenger.
✨ Obtaining the availability of your colleagues on specific dates
✨ The creation of checklists from comments, messenger and cards in a board
✨ Setting up widgets for collaborative editing of widgets


Best practice

Use a Flash Widget when you want a quick response to your requests.

For requests that need to be centralized, opt for the original application instead 😉