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Collaborate more and strengthen your exchanges with your collaborators !

About Groupe

Collaborate more and strengthen your exchanges with your collaborators! The Group application allows you to bring together the audience of your choice in a dedicated thematic group.


Enhanced collaboration


Thanks to the Group application, you can group your employees in a single place in your collaborative platform. Need to strengthen exchanges in the sales team? The marketing team? Create a dedicated group for each of its departments and let the collaborative do its work! ?


Varied content and the visibility of your choice


Once your audience has been selected and grouped together, it's time for exchange and collaboration! Your group offers you and your collaborators the possibility to share all the content of your choice for the entire audience concerned: article, video, podcast or simple informative post, it's up to you!

Moreover, you have total control over the visibility of your group. Do you want its existence to remain confidential? The private mode is the perfect choice! Conversely, you want to make it grow as much as possible? Leave the door open: other collaborators will eventually join you! ?


  • Create a thematic group in just a few clicks ?️
  • Personalize your group easily (title, description, banner...)
  • Choose the members who will have the chance to be part of it ?
  • Determine whether your group will be open to everyone or whether it will be under the radar of employees who are not part of it ?
  • Share the content of your choice (article, video, podcast...) to your audience day and night ?