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Discover the IpeeChic template. The Fast Intranet template for organizations that love internal communication.


About the IpeeChic template:


With the Ipee Chic template, highlight the key information to communicate on your Jamespot intranet. News feed, upcoming events, news flash, etc.. Each piece of information is highlighted thanks to the different widgets of the template. This is a great way to engage your employees in your organization's internal communication.

Composed of 7 pages, the IpeeChic template is designed for communicators with an appetite for design and wishing to share information by combining dynamic pages (portal type) and graphic pages (blog type).


Available pages:


Home Page
HR Portal page

Company Page

News Page

 Business Hub Page 

✨ OnBoarding Page

Our Values Page 


Widgets included :


✨ Applications
✨ Button

✨ Cover
✨ Calendar

✨ Content

✨ Cover

✨ Group flow

✨ Image

✨ List

✨ Reminders

✨ Text

✨ Weather


Other information:


The IpeeChic template may require adjustments to fit your graphic design. Feel free to call on the Jamespot Task Force by contacting our sales department.