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Structure the information about your collaborative platform by means of the keywords.

About Keywords

The keywords are a way of structuring the information on a collaborative platform. By means of the dedicated application, create and manage lists of keywords for all types of contents on your platform.


Create some value with business-oriented lists of keywords


Besides the list of keywords by default which you can enrich thanks to a specific field, or by adding a hashtag directly to the text, you can create as many lists of keywords as you want.


These lists can be public, the users have the right to add new keywords, or closed.

In the case of a closed list, it is the administrators of the platform that create the keywords which the users can choose at the time of posting.


Manage the knowledge on your platform


By means of the application you have access to all the lists of keywords available on the platform. A new list of keywords can be attributed to groups or a type of contents: tasks, documents, business form…


Within every list it is possible to merge the keywords. A dedicated search allows the browsing on the list.


A fast access to the contents for the users


The user finds the keywords in numerous contexts: on articles, in the cloud of keywords of the group and in the search engine in which he has access to the lists of keywords via dedicated tabs. Of course, the presented contents depend on the rights of the user.


  • Create as many lists of keywords as you want on the platform.
  • Choose to open lists to the users or to leave them closed.
  • Quickly reach the contents for which you look by using the keywords in the search engine or the cloud of keywords.