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Email, the pillar of collaboration, fully integrated with Jamespot 📨

About Mail

Each of us receives and sends hundreds of emails a day. With Jamespot's built-in Mail, you'll have this essential tool right at your fingertips ✌️


Easily access your emails without changing tools!


For your professional comfort, it is essential to have all your tools available quickly. That's why we chose to integrate the Mail application to your Jamespot experience.

Without leaving your Jamespot platform, you will have access to your inbox in one click.



Access your emails easily with the Jamespot Mail


A complete contact for your mail and office automation


Jamespot takes care of the creation, migration and management of your mailboxes and calendars to make your life easier.



Mail in Jamespot, the pillar of collaboration in your Digital Workplace


Features :


✨ IMAP/POP box with unlimited aliases
✨ SMTP gateway with high deliverability rate 
✨ Integrated anti-spam function via Alinto Protect

✨ Integrated anti-virus protection and security via Alinto Protect

✨ Integrated webmail

✨ ActiveSync synchronization
✨ Hosting in France


By Guillaume POUMADÉ

By Guillaume POUMADÉ

Marketing & Communication manager

Don't switch from your Jamespot platform to your mailbox anymore: find all your emails directly in Jamespot and manage all your activity from your collaborative platform.