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Provide the link between your email and your corporate social network.

About Mail2Jamespot

A true digital workplace, the Jamespot enterprise social network is designed to centralize information and exchanges within the collaborative platform to facilitate project management.

The Mail2Jamespot application ensures the transfer of information from employees' professional mailboxes to the corporate social network.



Publish an article from your professional mailbox

Employees then have the opportunity to share an exchange of emails and publish an article on the corporate social network from their professional email.

To publish an article to a workgroup on the enterprise social network, simply enter the email address linked to the workgroup in the sender field of your new email.  It is possible to integrate attachments (word, images, pdf).

The email will be published as an article in the recipient workgroup. The members of the working group will receive, as with the publication of a classic article, a notification and an announcement about the news feed.



  • Create an article from your business email