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Future deadlines at your fingertips in your Enterprise Social Network.

About Meeting

Notify your staff of the upcoming meeting with Jamespot's Meeting Application in just a few clicks. Give them all the information they need to be more efficient. 



Keep your employees informed 


A project meeting? A department meeting? Effectively communicate in a few clicks the future deadlines to achieve your objectives. Simply pilot your activity by giving the necessary visibility to the good conduct of the project. Employees will be notified in real time on the platform and by email of the next deadline. 



Total management of the meeting cycle 


Gain speed and efficiency by giving all the key elements of the meeting. Give access to the minutes of the previous meeting, use the participation management for a clear view of the participants, edit the minutes directly in the application!



  • Launch the next meeting from the calendar or from the publish button.
  • Clearly define the meeting setting - Date, time, location, "Whole day" option.
  • Optional choice to invite group members to the event.
  • Attendance management via a dashboard with 4 categories: All / Attendee(s) / Awaiting reply / Unavailable.
  • Restart abstainers in one click.
  • Edit the minutes from the meeting / By dropping a file and schedule tasks.
  • Assign keywords for a quick search via the search engine.
  • Synchronize your Jamespot calendar with your personal calendar.