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Jamespot - OAuth Connector
Jamespot - OAuth Connector
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OAuth Connector


Connect an OAuth identity provider to your Jamespot platform

About OAuth Connector

Connectors are applications that allow you to use an external directory system (e.g. Microsoft active directory or LDAP directory) to identify yourself on the platform and synchronize users (i.e. collect information from the directory and integrate it into Jamespot).


OAuth Connector


The OAuth connector allows you to connect to your Jamespot platform an identity provider compatible with this OAuth protocol. There are many solutions to choose from, including Microsoft's "active directory". The users of the platform connect directly to the login page of this environment, and are then immediately connected to the Jamespot platform. In addition, this connector also allows to synchronize user data with those contained in the external directory.


On-the-fly synchronization


The OAuth connector only allows on-the-fly synchronization. If you want to anticipate the creation of users (for example, to precisely track the connection rate), it is recommended that you use another mechanism for provisioning (using a csv file or the API).



Jamespot OAuth connector schematic