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Jamespot - Jamespot to Pipedrive
Jamespot - Jamespot to Pipedrive
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Jamespot to Pipedrive

Connect your CRM Pipedrive to your enterprise social network Jamespot.

About Jamespot to Pipedrive

Make your Jamespot collaborative platform interact with your Pipedrive software.



Pipedrive: the CRM that helps you focus on the essentials


Pipedrive is a sales management tool (or CRM) designed to help your sales teams manage long or complex sales processes.


Unlike other solutions on the market, Pipedrive focuses only on the key functionalities of sales management.



Jamespot to Pipedrive

In order to improve your daily efficiency, we have developed a connector capable of making Jamespot and Pipedrive talk to each other.


Thus, within the framework of a platform open to registrations, you will be able to automatically integrate new members of the network into your Pipedrive database and do, for example, lead nurturing.



  • Collect data from new registrants on your corporate social network.
  • Ensure the communication of this data to your Pipedrive software.
  • Manage your contacts from Pipedrive.


By Jean-Christophe BILLEREY

By Jean-Christophe BILLEREY

Marketing and communications operator at Jamespot

Connect your Jamespot platform to your CRM and save time in managing your external contacts.