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Jamespot - Product devops
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Product devops


See at a glance the process of releasing a new product ?

About Product devops

Manage the release of your new product with the "Product Devops" application and view all the steps of the product release on a single page.

Plan product releases

The Product Devops application allows you to manage the design and release cycle of a product, from the upstream phase to the actual release.


Each new product appears on a timeline. This planning mode allows a global visualization of all product developments. It is possible to modify the zoom level, in order to modulate between a wide view and a more precise view.


It is possible to display different types of views, including a list view and a full screen mode.


A search window allows you to display product developments by date, filtered by publisher.



  • Visually follow the release of your product
  • Announcement of the start and end dates of the product release stages
  • Choice of stages (specification, development, test, release)
  • Choice the audience for your Product Devops