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Choose an agile organization chart for your organization and your projects

About Roles

Define collectively, visualise the roles and responsibilities of each member and set up real self-organised teams.


Dare to adopt new working methods :


Clarity, transparency and autonomy are nowadays elements that contribute to the performance of organizations.
With the Roles application, create a dynamic organization chart of your organization, in the form of circles, based on the principles of self-management and agility.
Each employee embodies one or more roles aligned with the organization's purpose and has, at the same time, complete visibility on the roles and responsibilities of others.



Create the agile organization chart of your organization and your projects


Beyond the organization, your projects in agile mode :


The Roles application is, like Jamespot, fully customizable to fit your needs. You can organize all your projects with the application. Define the purpose of your projects, assign roles and responsibilities to each person and go! And for even more efficiency, link your Roles to your Jamespot Boards.
Your projects move forward with complete transparency! Transparency in roles, responsibilities and tasks.



Embody one or more roles aligned with the purpose of your projects


Features :


The organizational chart of your organization and/or projects in the form of agile circles and sub-circles
✨ The definition of everyone's roles, responsibilities and accountabilities

✨ A clear vision of your roles and responsibilities within the organization and/or your projects


By Guillaume POUMADÉ

By Guillaume POUMADÉ

Marketing and communications manager - Jamespot

The Roles application allows us to organize all of our projects in agile mode, from the simplest ones to the most complex ones. Its unique link with the Board application allows us to have a 360 vision of our projects, from the definition of roles to the progress of tasks.

By Stéphane ELY

By Stéphane ELY

CEO - elycorp.

The fact that we can visualise our projects, collaborate on them and involve employees makes agile project management methods extremely effective.