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RSS Feed

Automatically publish an article on the platform from an RSS feed.

About RSS Feed

Jamespot allows you to automatically publish articles on your platform from an RSS feed.  It is the ideal application to create and animate thematic watch groups that will be enriched by automatic publications.



Centralize information within a group


Automatically publish information from websites as an article in a corporate social network workgroup. 

The integrated RSS feeds application thus allows you to centralize in one digital space - the group - all the information coming from one data source (e.g. a website, a blog, etc.).



Uses for monitoring and internal communication


The integrated RSS feeds application can be used for monitoring and internal communication purposes.

  • Strategic watch: automatically publish all publications from a competitor's blog.
  • Internal communication: automatically publish all new publications from your blog.


  • Integrate an RSS feed into a group.
  • Automatically publish content from this RSS feed.
  • Select from the network members the author of the automatic publications.