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Santé Plus


Discover the Santé Plus template! The Fast Intranet template for organisations that want an accessible and ergonomic intranet.


About the Santé Plus template :


With the Santé Plus template, choose ergonomics and simplicity thanks to a portal inspired by the French State Design System. News feeds, upcoming events, useful links: your co-workers have access to all important information at a glance.

Composed of 5 pages, the Santé Plus template will be the ideal partner organisations wishing to put trust and security back at the heart of their intranet.


Available pages:


Home Page
HR Portal page

News Page

 Business Hub Page 

✨ OnBoarding Page 


Widgets included :


✨ Applications
✨ Button

✨ Cover
✨ Calendar

✨ Content

✨ Cover

✨ Group flow

✨ Image

✨ List

✨ Reminders

✨ Text