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Jamespot - Sindup for Jamespot
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Sindup for Jamespot

Detect strategic information in your environment and feed it back into your Jamespot platform.

About Sindup for Jamespot

Master your company's strategic environment and reputation with a comprehensive, collaborative and intuitive monitoring platform.



Sindup: the essential for your monitoring


Sindup is an innovative, all-in-one, easy-to-use business intelligence platform.  Ergonomic and intuitive, the solution is ideal to simply pilot your watch.


The solution detects among more than 50 million international sources the strategic information of your environment: competition, innovations, regulations, business opportunities, e-reputation, sectorial trends, etc.


Once collected and processed, the information is disseminated to the right audiences through alerts, newsletters, reports or dashboards.


Sindup for Jamespot

Jamespot and Sindup have worked together on a connector capable of instantly broadcasting information detected by Sindup to one or more newsgroups on your Jamespot corporate social network.


Sindup for Jamespot is therefore the ideal application for those who want to stimulate collective intelligence and accelerate decision-making within their organisation.


The application also allows you to share your Sindup dashboards on your Jamespot platform.



  • Instantly disseminate detected information to a focus group for quick decision making.
  • Relay an automated monitoring in a group to stimulate collective intelligence.
  • Share your dashboards and make them accessible from the social network in one click.