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Jamespot - Smart Process
Jamespot - Smart Process
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Smart Process


Every company has its own processes and can implement them in Jamespot.

About Smart Process

Jamespot gives its customers the possibility to reproduce their processes in a flexible and smooth way.



Define your processes in an agile way

With the Smart Process application it is possible to define processes in a simple way by creating as many reports as necessary.

You can set up the report completely (naming, content type, appearance) and flexibly determine the transition paths. If the main path is the highlighted one, it is also possible to define secondary paths that avoid blockages.

A dashboard allows you to follow the different processes, in progress and completed, and to extract the associated indicators.

Jamespot offers you to rely on its collaborative platform to maximize the efficiency of your teams.



  • Create processes on the Jamespot platform for your employees.
  • Create sequential steps and multiple paths.
  • Manage the rights to move from one step to another and the conditions for triggering the process.
  • Set up the object change within the process.
  • Manage and monitor all processes via a dashboard.