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Poll of dates


Find in a few clicks the best crenel for your events.

About Poll of dates

Several actors mobilized for a future project meeting? Simply create a date survey to collaboratively determine the future date for this event. 



Simplify the management of your event cycle 


Jamespot's Date Poll application allows you and your staff to determine the best date for your next event. No more endless email exchanges to set the date of the next meeting...



An agile and flexible application 


For a group or several users, create your date survey in just a few clicks. Suggest several slots, warn your collaborators in real time on the platform and by email and they will be invited to give their availability.


Gain efficiency by quickly obtaining a date for your future event. 



  • Propose different dates, times for your event 
  • Set a deadline for a response 
  • Restart abstentionists in one click
  • Highlighting the best niche
  • Turn the date survey into a meeting / event!