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Target Info


Reach the heart of your targets with targeted information

About Target Info

Segmenting your audience allows you to send more targeted messages and makes communication more effective. The targeted audience is then more receptive and is more inclined to interact with your content. With our Target Info application, reach the heart of your targets more easily thanks to our intelligent segmentation system.


Aim at the heart of your targets :


Communication, whether internal or external, is much more effective if you have first taken the time to determine your targets. When properly segmented, the audience should be more receptive to the messages sent and should therefore generate more interactions. With the target information application, create powerful messages and share them with the right audiences thanks to our intelligent targeting system based on your employees' profile fields. In just a few clicks, reach the heart of your audience.



Target your audiences according to your desires


Break free from groups :


The Target Info application allows you to free yourself from the logic of groups.

Create your messages, group your Jamespot content, select your targeting criteria and let the application do the rest. Your targeted messages will become more relevant and you will enjoy designing them and tracking their performance.



The targeted information gathers all the selected contents in a single article


Features :


✨ Upstream targeting of your audiences based on profile fields
✨ Designing targeted messages in a dynamic editor
✨ Sending targeted information in the form of engaging emails
✨ Selecting one or more targeting criteria
✨ The highlighting of targeted information in the activity stream



Best practice 👨‍💻

The Target Info application relies on the profile fields of your employees. Make sure they have a complete and up-to-date profile. Why not try a gamification action (profile contest, badges, etc.) to encourage them to do so?



*Within the limit of 10000 mails per month. Beyond that, contact us.