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Jamespot - UbiCast for Jamespot
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UbiCast for Jamespot

A customized video platform , accommodate and broadcast your videos.

About UbiCast for Jamespot

Do you want to transmit information in a very simple way? Video is the fastest and most effective way today. We are all more receptive to images than to words, and video has quickly become the indispensable tool for communication. With the UbiCast for Jamespot application, you benefit from the MediaServer video platform to record, edit and broadcast videos.



The MediaServer, to make videos available to your collaborators


In one click, the MediaServer makes all types of media available to your employees, allowing them to interact, filter or search among all your content.


The MediaServer allows you to share your videos made with UbiCast's Studio and Campus solutions or your existing videos.



The WebStudio, to create and share videos in a few clicks


You can also share your video expertise with the whole company in just a few clicks: training in new software, business gestures, etc.


Simply capture the image from your camera and your computer simultaneously. Then choose the location of the different streams (screen + webcam).



An interactive and collaborative experience


Collaborative annotations: your audience enriches the content with questions, links and documents throughout the video.


Keep your audience's attention and interact with them through surveys and multiple choice questions.



Your videos integrated into your library


Each of your videos is automatically converted, analyzed and indexed. Slides are extracted from your videos for easy retrieval during viewing.


Your users will be able to search for specific moments in your videos using the detected keywords.



  • Leave comments related to a particular moment in the video or help the community by answering questions asked by other users.
  • Post a link or an attachment and thus contribute to the enrichment of the content. 
  • Add interactive content: educational activities (polls, quizzes and quizzes), additional resources (Youtube videos, Wikipedia pages, Twitter feeds etc.) to keep your audience's attention and measure the level of understanding.
  • Make customizable quizzes / questionnaires appear at any time in your video
  • Capture the image from your camera and your computer simultaneously.

  • Choose the location of the different streams (screen + webcam).

  • Comment on what you show.

  • Capture all your presentation materials (PowerPoint slides, spreadsheets, professional software, websites...).


By Guillaume POUMADÉ

By Guillaume POUMADÉ

Communications and marketing at Jamespot

Want to create and share videos the easy way? Then UbiCast for Jamespot is the application you need. A great French alternative to Youtube for your company!