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Jamespot - User profile
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All the useful information of your teammates

About User profile

Every user on your network has a qualified profile with the personalized business information you need to know 


From contact details, the Search, the wall you can access easily to the profil of the user. On the website or from the Mobile App. 




✨ Name/surname, profil picture 

✨ Mail address, phone, job direction, country, language 

✨ Skills of the user

✨ Five more customizable fields 

✨ Location of the user 

✨ Statistics 

✨ Social functionalities (Favorites items, affinities...) 

✨ LDAP synchro with Jamespot 

✨ Security monitoring



By Guillaume POUMADÉ

By Guillaume POUMADÉ

Communications & Marketing manager

Jamespot allows each employee to showcase his or her key information as well as his or her main areas of expertise.