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Coffee Break


Meet your colleagues during a virtual coffee break ☕️

About Coffee Break

Jamespot's Coffee Break application gives you the opportunity to take a few minutes to relax with one or more colleagues by videoconference.


It is the perfect application to escape from your daily professional life in a fun way and create a link with your colleagues, even from a distance (e.g. remote, home office, etc.).


How does it work?


The principle of the Coffee Break application is simple. A user wishing to take a break can :

  • Open the videoconferencing room dedicated to breaks and wait for a colleague to join him there ?
  • Join a colleague who is already on a break and share a moment of conviviality ?


The room can accommodate up to 4 employees on a break at the same time, and you can not know in advance who will be joining us ?. Enough to recreate the atmosphere of your organization's coffee corner in digital.


To increase the sense of belonging and break the isolation of teleworkers and remote workers, opt for the Coffee Break application ☕️



  • Take a coffee break by opening the dedicated videoconferencing room
  • Join one or more employees on a break