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Action "I recommend"

Recommend any content to other members of the platform.

About Action "I recommend"

The social actions of the enterprise social network allow employees to qualify the information. Similarly, they encourage employees to exchange information and get involved in the life of their organisation.

Recommend your colleagues' publications

Members of the corporate social network can recommend any publication (article, document, answer to a question...) to their colleagues. They have the opportunity to show their interest in a content without necessarily publishing a comment.

The information deemed most relevant by the greatest number of collaborators are highlighted on the corporate social network since the number of recommendations is counted.

The social action "I recommend" is represented by a clickable icon, aligned with the other social actions proposed by the collaborative platform. It is located under the title of the publication and above the comments.

If the "I Recommend" application is activated, then the recommendation feature is found on all publications of the corporate social network.