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Action "I approve"

Add "I approve" to content shared with you with one click.


Whether it is an article, a document, an answer to a question or another publication, the user has the possibility to approve its content.

Approve the content of your colleagues

It therefore gives its opinion without necessarily commenting and expresses its interest in shared content. Several users can thus generate attention on a publication since the number of approvals is counted.

The social action "I approve" is materialized by a clickable icon, aligned with the other social actions proposed by the collaborative platform, and located under the title of the publication and above the comments.

If the "I approve" application is enabled, all corporate social network publications have the approval feature.

By Jean-Christophe BILLEREY
Marketing and communications operator at Jamespot

Social actions are the best way to simply express one's opinion on a publication. They allow introverted personalities to express themselves more easily.