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Give yourself a wide-angle view of your notifications ?

About Notifications center

Today, notifications play a central role in our daily lives. They allow us to keep up with the latest news from our communities and the progress of our projects at a glance.


A wide-angle view of your notifications :


Even if the use of notifications is an integral part of our daily lives, we would all like to be able to process them in a dedicated space, away from all distractions.
With our notifications center, you can get a wide view of your notifications and interact with any content (social actions, comments, sharing, etc.) without ever leaving your page.



All-in-one notifications center


Focus on the essentials :


The Notifications Center gives you a seamless experience in handling your notifications so you can focus on what is really important to you. With only one click, group your notifications by audience and process them according to your issues and priorities. In a nutshell: stay focused!



Deal with your notifications in real time thanks to the overview


Features :


✨ The wide-angle view of your notifications

✨ The grouping of notifications by group
✨ The ability to interact with content directly from the application (comments, social actions, etc.)
✨ The ability to mark a notification as read and then archive it.
✨ Extended use of the notification bell present in the main menu of all platforms

✨ The grouping of notifications by audience in the mobile version if the option is enabled


Best practice ?

Start your day by filtering and processing your notifications group by group.This allows you to focus on topics within the same theme (or project) before moving on to something else ?