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Edit all your documents in real time and without limits with your collaborators thanks to WeDoc.

About WeDoc

Tables, presentations, texts... Edit all your documents in real time and without limits with your collaborators thanks to WeDoc.


The best of online editing


Word processing, presentations, tables... Documents are a central part of our daily professional life and often require the involvement of several collaborators. With WeDoc, create, store, share and edit all your documents online, directly on your Jamespot platform. Your documents are centralized and secured in a dedicated space accessible to all your employees.



Create your documents directly on WeDoc 


Enrich your documents through collaboration


Incessant exchanges with collaborators, different versions of one document, modification requests... Editing a document with several people can quickly turn into a deadly project. WeDoc offers the possibility for all collaborators with editing rights to view and modify the document of their choice, all in real time, without ever having to import a new version of the document. The application is also linked to the comments area. Ideal for discuss about your documents with your collaborators at any time.



Edit your document with several people in real time


The power of the Jamespot search engine 


You need to find a document as soon as possible but lack information about it? WeDoc is directly connected to the Jamespot search engine: you just have to type one or several keywords related to your document and the Jamespot search engine will find it for you. With WeDoc, editing and searching documents is done in just a few clicks for maximum time savings.



Use the Jamespot search engine to find your documents in a few clicks



✨ Create your documents on WeDoc 

✨ Online document editing

✨ Real-time editing of documents by several people

✨ Real-time viewing of changes made

✨ Comment area dedicated to each document

✨ Automatic backup



Best practice

WeDoc allows you to edit all your documents online very simply. To work simply in an asynchronous way, opt for versioning your documents and add a personalized comment to alert your team 😉