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Attendance management

Manage the presence of your employees on the different sites of your organization easily and on a daily basis !


Manage the presence of your employees on the different sites of your organization easily and on a daily basis !


Manage traffic on your premises


Would you like to determine how many of your employees will be present at your next event? You want to work on a project in a co-working space but already know that space will be lacking? Attendance management is precisely there to help you deal with all these everyday situations.


It offers the possibility for your employees to declare themselves the days they will be present on your organisation's sites, allowing you to count in real time the number of employees present per site and per date thanks to the dedicated calendar.


You set the rules


You only want to grant access to the application to certain employees? It's quite possible! You are free to add sites to the application and to grant access to the application as a whole: all employees? Administrators only? Certain people precisely? You set the rules yourself: once you've done that, it's up to your employees to get involved! 


The life of the organization in real time


Once the access settings have been set and the sites added to the application, all you have to do is determine the quota of places available for each of the sites in your structure. Each user is free to fill in his days of presence on a site and to modify his choices later if necessary. As soon as the quota is exceeded, the box concerned will be filled in red: your collaborators can always declare themselves present on the same day... but they will know that it will be preferable not to go to this site at that time! 



  • Application access management
  • Management of authorizations related to the addition of sites
  • Fixing a quota of available places per site
  • Declaration of presence by site and by date for each user
  • Colour-coded according to whether or not the quota is exceeded

Alain Garnier

As the company's legal representative, the safety of my employees is a top priority. Attendance management has therefore been developed to ensure that going to the premises does not entail any risk for any of them.