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Call for tender

Use all the advantages of the enterprise social network to answer your call for tender!

About Call for tender

The enterprise social network Jamespot has business-specific applications dedicated to the sales department allowing the sales developer to improve the organization of their work and to win easily in efficiency.


Call for tender is one of its applications. It is useful for sales developers wishing to optimize the organization of their answer to a call for tender.


Fluidify the communication around the answers to call for tender


The Call for tender application solves problems of communication and coordination between the members responsible for the project. It centralizes the technical information and the documents necessary for the answer.


It connects the concerned collaborators wether they belong to the to the sales department  or HR for example.


The communication, more fluid, accelerates the time of answers of the sales developers to call for tender.



  • Specific fields inform the collaborators about the deadlines, the status (ongoing, won or lost) and on the context. It is also possible to determine its position on the newsfeed to make it more or less visible, according to its level of priority.

  • The column Tender Call Management allows to consult the set of call for tender published on the enterprise social network. Specific tabs allow to separate the list of your answers to call for tender to the list for all your collaborators answers.

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