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Create tasks, attribute and manage them.

About Tasks

The Tasks application allows you to quickly create missions for you or for your collaborators. The interface in the form of dynamic paintings, gives a clear and readable vision of the accomplished tasks or to carry out.


Create tasks for yourself and the members of your team


Easy to use, the Tasks application saves your time in the management of your tasks.


Create Tasks, attribute them to the members of your team and determine a deadline. You can also attach documents and comments. The addressees will acquaint with tasks which were attributed to them as soon as they log into the platform.


Manage the progress of your tasks


The Tasks application offers you a complete management  of the task on a board.


To stay updated about the evolution of a mission, it will be possible for you to change the status of the task by a simple drag-and-drop.


You can change status from "not begun" to " current ", " late” or still "ended”.


You will have  a better visibility of the tasks’ processing. 



  • Create tasks in a few clicks.

  • Attribute them to the members of your team by determining a deadline.

  • Add attachments and comments according to your need.