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The entire directory of members of the collaborative platform in one click.

About Contacts

Take advantage of the contact directory to facilitate the networking of collaborators and the creation of value-creating synergies. Simple to identify members, create links, encourage exchanges and improve performance. 


Simple access to all members of the platform 


From the contact directory, access all the members of the network. Access those with whom you collaborate on a daily basis with the contact directory. Identify all users in the network with the user directory.


Do you need to provide a supplier's contact information? With the business contacts directory, your members have access to it in one click. 


For your internal networks and more 


Collaborating effectively is a performance issue: Your teams can identify smart peers, engage in conversation and move forward on their projects.


And that's not all: Integrate the extended enterprise and your ecosystem of partners and customers to simplify exchanges. 





✨ List of user's contacts.

✨ List of platform members.

✨ Simplified profile sheet.

✨ Redirection to the user's complete profile record.

✨ Write an internal mailbox or start a videoconference from the user profile.

✨ List of business contacts.

✨ Geolocalized view - Location of platform members.

✨ Several configurable views (Alphabetical, table, grid...).

✨ Dedicated search with customizable filters.






Brand Content Manager

Essential for my daily organization. Thanks to the directory, I can move forward quickly on my missions by quickly identifying the people who are most qualified to help me with my projects.