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Cookie management

Reconcile your cookies ? with your users ??‍?

About Cookie management

It has not escaped you, with the coming into force of the GDPR in 2018, the rules concerning the management of cookies have changed! No more soft opt'in, now it's time for informed consent ?‍?


It is to meet this new obligation that our team has launched the Cookie Management application ?.


Cookie management: informed consent


As an administrator, you have the ability to set cookies on your Jamespot platform in order to track your network performance, user usage, and so on.


With the Cookie Management application, you can simplify the management of your trackers and comply with the GDPR:

  • Clearly expressed purposes: clearly detail the purpose of the data collected in order to obtain informed consent from your users.
  • The end of the soft opt'in:allow your users to accept or refuse the deposit of your cookies.
  • Auditable evidence:manage very simply the list of consents obtained.
  • Retention period: choose how long the cookies are kept on your users' web browser.


Rights exercised by the user of the Jamespot service


For their part, the users of your platform will be able, via the GDPR console tab of your profile :

  • Consult the purposes that you have accepted / rejected
  • Changing your consent



  • Cookie management
    • Purpose of Consents
    • List of consents
    • Opt'in management
    • Management of retention periods
  • Management and exercise of rights