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External Share


Share a post with a non member of the enterprise social network.

About External Share

The external Share makes it possible to share contents with members of your network who are not a member of the platform Jamespot. 


Collaborate with your external network on the platform !


The External Share application allows to share files with contacts who are not members of your platform. You can share for example a report of meeting with a supplier, or with a customer who does not use the platform.

An e-mail is sent to the addressee to inform him about the set up of the contents. The contact can then reach it during a defined period in the configuration of the application. He has access via his browser to the page of the article and to the possible comments. He has also the possibility of commenting, but does not see the platform.

This application can be accessible to all the users of the platform or to a limited number. 



  • Post contents on the platform and share it to your external network on the platform.

  • Collaborate from your platform with the members of your external network.