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Easily connect your drives with the Jamespot document databank.

About Drive

The Drive application allows you to easily connect your Jamespot account with all your Microsoft OneDrive.


Share any content from any of your storage spaces


With a few clicks, share any document available on one of your storage spaces within an article or your Jamespot document bank. Your team members will then be able to view and download the shared document, and comment on it in the dedicated area. With the Drive application, collaboration around your documents no longer has any boundaries.


Centralize all your storage on Jamespot


The Drive application also gives you the ability to centralize all your storage space within your Jamespot platform. Each shared document is indexed on Jamespot, so you can easily find it using the search engine. No need to browse from one storage space to another to find your documents, they are all available on Jamespot.



  • Connect your Jamespot account with your Microsoft OneDrive.
  • Share your documents directly from your storage space.
  • View and download different versions of a shared document.
  • Simply add a new version and alert the appropriate audience.