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Enjoy real-time collaboration and informal exchanges in the Jamespot metaverse!

About Jamespot Land

Retrouvez le plaisir de la collaboration en temps réel et des échanges informels dans le métavers Jamespot !


The pleasure of face-to-face collaboration directly in the métavers


Home Office and hybrid work allow professionals to work together from any location. But the distance that separates them encourages their isolation, the loss of social ties and weakens the link between them and their company. Recreate the link between your employees with Jamespot Land, the enterprise metaverse designed entirely for professionals, where they can move, exchange and collaborate in real time with their colleagues.




Explore Jamespot Land and rediscover the pleasure of real-time collaboration


A whole world to explore


Jamespot Land is full of areas to explore! Meet other professionals in the city, invite your collaborators to your next public event in the amphitheater, or make real-time progress on your projects in the co-working space. Explore Jamespot Land and discover new ways to collaborate digitally at each new step of your journey.




Discover the areas of Jamespot Land, each dedicated to a unique use


Your new Digital premises


Push the boundaries of your organization with Jamespot Land! Choose from a wide selection of predefined templates and bring your employees into a private collaborative space dedicated to your organization. Exchange and collaborate in real time with your teams in your digital office where unexpected and informal exchanges have their place again.



Bring your employees together in a private space dedicated to your organization



Features :


✨ Custom avatar creation and real-time movement on the map.

✨ Open world divided into public and private areas each dedicated to a specific use.

✨ On-the-fly exchanges with other users via video conferencing.

✨ Provision of private maps for users of the Jamespot solution.

✨ Organizing and facilitating meetings using Diapazone.

Best practice


You don't need to be a Jamespot user to discover Jamespot Land! You just have to go to the Jamespot Land website and embark on the Jamespot metaverse with your teams to find the pleasure of collaboration in real time. And if you wish to have a private space dedicated to your organization, don't hesitate to contact us!