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Make your own videos for your organization with ease 🎬

About Kannelle

Kannelle offers you the possibility to make videos with your collaborators in all simplicity. Thanks to its ergonomics and ease of use, each employee can easily make videos according to his or her needs.


Video production for everyone


Discover Kannelle, a unique video creation solution that gives you the ability to shoot and edit your own videos independently for you and your organization.



From the home of the application, a multitude of scenarios to take in hand!


A multitude of scenarios


The application provides you with different scenarios adapted to your needs (internal communication, sales, events...). Once you have selected the scenario that suits you, the Kannelle application allows you to shoot your video, shot by shot, and guides you through the production process by giving you advice for each of them. Once your video has been shot, all you have to do is validate the final result!


No need to have any editing skills, Kannelle edits your video for you! And if you want to share your work with your collaborators, you can download the video and export it to share it with anyone you want!



Edit your videos easily with Kannelle 




A different scenario for each need

One realization plan by plan, with advice at each stage

Automatic editing for each video

Integration of your elements (logo, graphic charter, jingles etc)

Ability to download and export videos





Communications and marketing officer at Jamespot

Kannelle is a simple, intuitive and user-friendly solution. Thanks to it, I was able to produce several videos in different formats with my collaborators in record time.