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Jamespot - Knowledge Base
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Knowledge Base


Build a complete knowledge base and help your users to access the following topics

About Knowledge Base

Did you know that on Jamespot platforms between 10 and 30% of the content is seen by members who were not in the initial audience? To push knowledge capitalization even further, Jamespot launches the Knowledge Base application ?.


Build a more complete knowledge base


Build a more complete knowledge base and help your users to access the platform's business themes: automatic extraction of keywords, definition of search filters, etc. Capitalize on the information produced and create value with an application dedicated to business knowledge  ?‍?


With the Knowledge Base application, Jamespot launches an application that allows you to manage the automatic addition of keywords to content, and then staging them in a dedicated search interface.


Keyword creation assistance


Define lists of keywords and add correspondences between different terms: your users no longer have to create keywords, they are added automatically, as they go along, during the creation of content ?‍?


Filter search


The knowledge base enriched in a collaborative way is highlighted in the dedicated search application. Filters and predefined fields allow users to find the relevant information that is at the heart of your business.



  • Build your knowledge base
  • Assistance with keyword creation
  • Search by filter