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Jamespot - Jamespot's mobile application

Jamespot's mobile application

With the Jamespot application, get your projects moving wherever you are.

About Jamespot's mobile application

With the Jamespot application, you can advance your projects wherever you are. Communicate with your teams, access the latest activities of your groups, schedule your next tasks and meetings, and more. Make your Jamespot application a productivity solution in its own right.



Jamespot on the move


Take your projects forward by bringing together the right people in a dedicated and secure area. Access information more quickly and install in a few clicks the business applications you need to work (Q&A, document space, calendar, etc.).


Jamespot connects all the employees in your organization, but also all your stakeholders (customers, suppliers, shareholders, etc.).


Through workflow, group discussions and instant messaging, communicate and work with your team in real time.


With Jamespot, your entire organization benefits from the collaborative leverage.


Our team has specially developed for you an access to MyJamespot in order to connect all your Jamespot platforms to your application. In one gesture, simply switch from one platform to another.


To download the Jamespot mobile application now, go to the Apple Store or the Google Play.



  • News feeds
  • Publications: articles, questions, albums, meetings, etc.
  • Documentary space
  • Group and user directories
  • Messenger
  • Push notifications
  • But also: tasks, calendars, FAQs, drafts, etc.