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Questions and Answers


Facilitate exchanges and develop a knowledge base.

About Questions and Answers

Your knowledge is your performance. Gain in reactivity by soliciting internal experts. Gain in collective intelligence by capitalizing on employee exchanges.



Solicit the organization's internal experts 


A problem and need a quick answer? Ask your question within your network, get the most relevant answer for your activity from your collaborators and gain in reactivity.


Users will receive a notification on the platform and an email alert inviting them to contribute their expertise. 

Support requires fewer internal resources and employees are valued for the answers they provide to the network.



Gain collective intelligence


Jamespot indexes all content posted on your collaborative platform. 

New entrants facilitate their integration by benefiting from this knowledge base and the answers already brought to the network. 

No duplication: Before a user asks a question, Jamespot indicates similar questions that have been resolved. 



  • Ask your question from the Q&A application or from the quick post button.
  • Determine an audience - Groups, users, etc.
  • Choose the best answer.
  • Detect similar questions.
  • View last questions asked / Unanswered questions / Resolved questions.
  • Assign keywords for quick search via the search engine. 
  • Turn your question into a Frequently Asked Questions entry.