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Jamespot - Search engine
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Quickly access all important content with the search engine.

About Search engine

The search engine gives you access to knowledge, information and all the content to which you have access. 


Share, exchange... And access information 


Jamespot allows you to accelerate exchanges between the actors of your organization. The important thing for the end user is to have the right information, at the right time, to enable him to be as productive as possible. 


Jamespot's intelligent search engine allows users to access critical content, in just one click, from any interface on the platform. 


Fast, simple and advanced search 


As soon as information is shared, it is indexed in your platform and then accessible at any time, from any medium. 

From the search bar in your platform, access in 1 click thanks to the auto-completion to the key data of your activity. 

The power of the search engine allows you to find any published information. Launch an advanced search and with the help of the numerous filters, target your search to access it in a few clicks.


Access expertise and put your collaborators in touch with each other.


In a context with several hundred employees, with a multi-site organization, in subsidiaries/Business Units, it can be complicated to find the right person to contact to solve your problem.

The search engine allows you to find the skills and expertise of your network thanks to a dedicated filter, then access the next click to the employee's profile and be able to interact. 



  • Search engine available on all media: desktop, IOS and Android mobile application, tablet, etc. 
  • Self-completion for a simple search 
  • Advanced search with access to all network content 
  • Multiple filter levels: Content type, publication dates, creator, audience, keywords, language 
  • Access to the skills cloud