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Bring up in one click the contents not to be missed on the platform.

About Shortcuts

You don't want a publication of your activity flow to escape you? The Shortcuts application allows you to bring up in one click the content you don't want to miss on the platform.



Create shortcuts on the platform 


Highlight one or more publications on your Jamespot platform. To do so, pin the publications you wish to make visible on the platform.


You can aggregate your contents in a block, by default located on the home page, but it can be activated on all the customizable pages of the platform. The block can show you up to five activities.


In this way, you can give back visibility to content that would have been "pushed" down by other publications.


This way, you keep a better visibility of your selected content.


Once you have viewed the information, you can delete the publication within the block and add a new one.



  • Bring the content you are interested in to your Jamespot platform.
  • Aggregate your publications into a block and view them at any time.
  • Save time by highlighting the content you consider important on your platform.