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Spread information from Jamespot to Slack addicts

About Jamespot to Slack

Slack is a chat-ops allowing you to exchange in real time with your collaborators, and to work as a team on your projects thanks to dedicated discussion channels.


Gather your troops :


Using several internal exchange tools at the same time can sometimes isolate collaborators: information is then scattered and may not reach your entire target.

With our Slack Connector, build bridges to easily share your content from your Jamespot platform to your Slack Workspace!



Build bridges between Jamespot and Slack


One connection for everyone :


Administrators, easily connect your Slack Workspace from your Jamespot platform administration: Install and activate the application, click connect... it's ready!

Now all you have to do is share your content on Slack.



Share your Jamespot's contents on Slack


Features :


✨Sharing content from the activity feed or from the content page

✨The tracking of shares made on a content, their author, date and time

✨A personalized automatic message posted in the channel of your choice


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