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Don't forget anyone on your platform and translate your content for everyone!

About Translation

Don't forget anyone on your platform and translate your content for everyone! The Translation application allows you to translate any text in any language.



Make yourself understood by everyone


Do you want your communication to be understood by everyone, regardless of language? Translate your article with the Translation application and let the magic happen ?.


With the Translation application, take control of your multilingual communication! Simply publish an article and activate the translation option. This will be either manual or automatic.


Manual translation


Translate your article yourself into the language(s) of your choice. When the article is published, readers will be able to read it in the language(s) they have previously chosen in their profile.


Automatic translation


Let Jamespot and its machine translation do the work. Any text can be translated into any language. Once the article is published, it will appear in the language selected by your collaborators on their profiles.


How do I use Translation ?


Simply activate the application in the application manager. From there, write your article and check the "translation" box to bring the application into play ?.




  • Manual translation
  • Automatic translation
  • Translation draft
  • Multilingual publishing




Brand Content Manager

If, like us, you have collaborators who speak several languages, the "Translation" application is all you need to avoid translating and publishing your articles several times. An ideal application to save time and remove language barriers.