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User Recommendation


Recommend user endorsment for your collaborators and accumulate a large number of recommendations.


The User Recommendation allow you to recommend in a click the skills and the professional qualifications of your collaborators. It also allow them to do the same on your profile.

Develop your own brand image


The User Recommendation is a simple and effective way to develop your brand image and to involve your network.


Accumulating a large number of professional recommendations add some credibility to your profile and shows that your network validate your expertise.


Find the experts of your organization


You are searching of a particular competence? Ask the database of your platform and put forward the experts.

Your skills have a priceless value. Capitalize them and share them! 



  • Recommend the professional skills of your network.
  • Approve and post the recommendations drafted on your subject.
  • Look for the skills of your network’s members.

Guillaume Poumadé
Marketing & communication manager at Jamespot

Anchored in usage thanks to LinkedIn and Viadeo, User recommendation are an effective way to showcase each other's expertise on your Jamespot platform.