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Jamespot - Badges
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Add gamification to your practices by means of badges.

About Badges

Add gamification to your practices by means of badges. Put forward the active members, Lead the exchanges and make the rate of commitment rise.


Numerous possible uses


Badges allow to stage various uses on a platform: commercial challenges, training, collaboration… every organization is unique, and while extending your uses you will make the most of the gamification.


A graphic customization


To match at best your graphics standards, it is possible to completely customize your badges. Various templates are proposed by default, but you can also add directly your own image. Be creative!



  • Create as many badges as you wish
  • Simply manage your badges :addition, edition..
  • Attribute a badge in a click


Benoît Guillbert

Benoît Guillbert

Brand Content Manager

The Badges application is perfect for adding a bit of Gamification to the various uses of the platform and thus significantly strengthen the commitment of employees.