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Propagate information from Jamespot to Teams

About Jamespot to Teams

Teams is the chat-ops of the Microsoft suite allowing your employees to exchange via chat channels and to work in teams by integrating various third-party services. With our connector, create a bridge between your Jamespot platform and your Teams hub to share information and reach your entire target audience.


Reach the heart of your targets


The multiplication of internal communication solutions sometimes makes information sharing more complex than it seems. There are many contact points and your messages may only reach a part of your target audience.
With our Teams connector, create a direct link between your Jamespot platform and your teams on Microsoft Teams. Information spreads to reach your audiences where they are most receptive.



Build bridges between Jamespot and Teams


One connection for everyone :


Administrators, activate the application for all your users in one click! All you have to do is share your content on Teams by selecting a team and a channel. As simple as a retweet, right?
Information becomes cross-platform: accessible for all and centralized on Jamespot!



Share your Jamespot's contents on Teams


Features :


✨Sharing content from the activity feed or from the content page

✨The tracking of shares made on a content, their author, date and time

✨A personalized automatic message posted in the channel of your choice